Forge Centro Sud designs and builds inside the forging tools equipments, ensuring a complete and timely service to the Customer. This also ensure sure results in production and control on fulfilment time.


Internal Machining

Tool machining is carried out by:

  • 3 high speed CNC Hermle C800V, Hermle C30V and Okuma MB-46VAE
  • lathes
  • EDM (Electro-Discharge Machining)
  • CAD / CAM software (Cimatron)
  • CAE process simulator (Forge)


Forging Simulator: Forge

With the use of the forging simulator “Forge” we define the geometric characteristics of the tools and the size of the loads required by the press for the deformation.

We optimize the size of the forging equipment and analyze the possible conditions of minimum scrap. We reduce significantly tools realisation time, possible risks of failure improving the quality of parts made.