About Us

About Us

For over 50 years, we produce hot forged parts in carbon steels (alloyed and non-alloyed steel), stainless steels and micro alloyed steels.
The target markets are Italian and international.

Mainly, we produce for the following fields:

  • Automotive (drive shafts, integral shafts, gears, brackets and hinges)
  • Motorcycle (drive shafts, integral shafts, steering triangles, kick-stands and supports)
  • Gardening and Leisure (drive shafts)
  • Industrial and Agricultural transmissions (crowns, gears, universal joints)
  • Power lines high and medium voltage (fittings)
  • Oleodynamic (cogwheels)
  • Petrochemical (valves)
  • Earth moving machinery and construction machinery (coupling)
  • Railways installations (tension-rods and turnbuckles)
  • Lifting equipment (hooks)
  • Mechanical (diversified products)

Forge Centro Sud pays great attention to the relationship with Customers, based on dialogue and mutual cooperation in order to achieve excellent results and their subsequent satisfaction.

In close collaboration with specialized and certified machining companies, Forge Centro Sud is able to offer machined parts.


Forge Centro Sud occupies an area of 58.000 square meters, of wich 12.000 are covered.

With 8 production lines on 2 shifts, we are able to offer a constant quality level of production made.
Our production lines are equipped with flexible automation equipment (robots and manipulators).

Our production is made trough 5 eccentric presses (1.000, 1.600 and 2.500 tons) and 3 screw presses (225 – 300 to 315 mm) and 8 induction furnaces.



Forge Centro Sud forging technologies are:

  • Forging with plastic deformation in press
  • Pre-forming
  • Hammer Forging
  • Hot Rolling
  • Closed Tool